Apex Legends Developer Supports Idea for Teammate Health Bar Information

Respawn Entertainment, screenshot by DBLTAP

Apex Legends might have an improvement coming soon, with a Respawn developer's approval for showing the healing status of teammates. The Respawn developer supported an idea that was suggested by an Apex Legends player, which was intended to improve the solo gameplaying experience in the battle royale.

An Apex Legends Reddit post revealed an idea for an improved version of displaying the health status bar, informing players of their teammate's progress. The Reddit user suggested a method for informing solo queuing players of their teammates' healing via status bar. The status bar would be shown in the bottom left area with the gamer's name and appear as a visual symbol for the healing progress of a teammate.

The suggestion was praised by other Apex Legends players as it could be utilized for players who are solo queuing and cannot talk with squad mates at parties.

Respawn Engineer Chris Winder commented on the Reddit post, supporting and thanking the original poster for the recommendation. Some Apex Legends fans predict that players will receive some form of this suggestion in the future. The potential appearance of this idea has excited some players as Respawn Entertainment has looked into players' experiences in the past.

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