Apex Legends Developers Listen and Reply to Buff Suggestions

King's Canyon in Apex Legends.
King's Canyon in Apex Legends. | Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends recently received a large patch of legend buffs. Players are asking for more changes and Respawn Entertainment have responded to those requests.

The patch brought changes to almost every legend and some pretty substantial nerfs and buffs to a select few. Lifeline has been climbing in win rate at the removal of her fast heal and changes to her healing drone. Revenant has also improved with his more powerful silence and unlimited range on his death totem.

Apex Legends Developers Listen and Reply to Buff Suggestions

One of the legends who wasn't touched by the changes in the Lost Treasures patch was Bangalore and a player wondered if the Apex community could be seeing any adjustments coming soon. Jason McCord, the design director at Respawn Entertainment for Apex Legends responded directly. "Nothing on the books, but we hear you!" he said.

The fact that community response is making such an obvious impact in the meeting room that conversations are had and questions are asked is wonderful to see.

The Apex Legends development team has been very responsive to players and have obviously made a serious effort to building the game with the players in conversation and the job they've done is commendable.