Apex Legends Developers Respond to Sentinel Exploit

The developers of Apex Legends have officially responded to the ongoing exploitation of the sentinel sniper rifle. The sentinel, a bolt action rifle that does 140 to the head and 70 to the body, has been exploited as the rifle is supposed to have a five-second charge that players have been avoiding the charging time and firing it rapidly. Firing this gun quickly makes it by far the most powerful gun in the game and destroys shields with one bullet.

Apex Legends official twitter account sent out a Tweet stating, "Due to an exploit with the Sentinel Sniper Rifle, we've decided to disable it while we work out a fix. More info to come as we have it." So for now, the sentinel won't be a problem anymore until it can be fixed and returned to the battlefield.

This is not the first big bug Apex Legends has seen recently, as there have been a few we've reported on that have harmed the competitive balance of the game. The Apex Legends dev team is quick to respond to glitches and bugs found in-game, but the problem is they are found so often they are playing wack-a-mole with the game's problems.