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Apex Legends Devs Are Working on Fixing Wattson's Broken Ultimate Ability

A fix for Wattson's ultimate ability bugs is reportedly in the works.
A fix for Wattson's ultimate ability bugs is reportedly in the works. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

When it comes to balancing Wattson in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment have notoriously been hesitant to do so whether it be due to her high win rates or her "invisible power" — her abilities can force players to adjust their strategies without dealing damage.

However, the latest Wattson news revolves around reverting a nerf that wasn't intended by the game's developers in the first place.

Known as the Static Defender, Wattson's Ultimate Ability is the Interception Pylon, which when placed is supposed to destroy incoming ordnance and repair damaged shields.

Back in March, it was discovered that both Horizon's tactical and ultimate abilities, Gravity Lift and Black Hole, are somehow able to bypass Wattson's ultimate.

Then, in the Evolution Collection Event update in September, Wattson's Interception Pylon was bugged even further, as players discovered the ult does not block ordinance within the inner radius a majority of the time.

While it has since been confirmed that the issues are being caused by a coding error, Respawn director of communications Ryan Rigney gave out an update on Oct. 14 that the dev team is indeed working on a fix for the ultimate now, albeit without a sure timeline on when it would be out.

Wattson also reportedly has a lot of new changes in the works focusing on the "fun factor" of playing as her with the upcoming Apex Legends Season 11 update, including some buffs to make up for her losing Low Profile.