Apex Legends

Apex Legends Devs Confirm Fixes are Coming for Wraith Issues Related to Newcastle's Ult

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With the introduction of brand new Apex Legends character Newcastle, there are of course some brand new issues that appeared in the game to go along with it.

There have already been exploits found that make his revives silent, but Newcastle's Ultimate has been the source of most of the attention since launch. His ability is the Castle Wall ultimate, which allows him to throw down a wall while quickly navigating the battlefield, giving him the ability to pin down enemies, or separate squad members from dangerous situations. One thing players have already discovered about Newcastle, is that Horizon's Black Hole ult when timed just right can cancel Newcastle's Castle Wall, and drop the ult charge down to 70%. The same thing can happen the other way around as well, and players are still unsure if this is something intended.

The issue regarding Wraith however, was documented by Twitter user @grandmaForfeit, and shows Wraith being stunned while taking her portal through Newcastle's ult area. This resulted in an inadvertent nerf to Wraith, given that her abilities were being compromised in a way not intended by developers. Fortunately another user tagged Rico Sanchez in the replies, who works on Quality Design for Respawn and Apex Legends in particular. He in turn asked Respawn's "Pav" who works on Live Team Support if anything was in the works fixing this bug. Pav confirmed that it would be patched in the next update.

Bugs are guaranteed to pop up when introducing something as significant as a new Legend into a game as large as Apex Legends, but it is still very heartening to see the positive engagement between the community and Respawn in getting it fixed as quickly as possible.