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Apex Legends Devs Considering Revenant Changes to Combat "Revtane" Combo

Revenant might be getting tweaked in the hopes of reducing the power of the popular "Revtane" duo.
Revenant might be getting tweaked in the hopes of reducing the power of the popular "Revtane" duo. / Photo by Respawn Entertainment/EA

In an appearance on the Apex Uncut podcast, an Apex Legends developer addressed potential changes to Revenant that aim to reduce the power of the popular Revenant-Octane duo.

Associate live balance designer John Larson talked at length about how the popular pairing of the two Legends frustrated players, including himself.

"I play ranked, I fall victim to the Revtane," he said. He went on to talk about player experience with Revenant, and how that can be changed, saying, "A lot of the frustration stems from a lack of feedback in understanding when a Rev is in the area, and when ulted Revs are near you. Whether that be audio issues, or just feedback around where the totem is, it's hard for teams that fall victim to it to capitalize on a Rev misplay."

When discussing fixes and tweaks to Revenant, especially in regards to how his ultimate ability functions, Larson replied, "Getting at the root of this frustration of risk versus reward of this ability is where that frustration lies, and I think what we're looking at with the ultimate is, 'How do you increase that risk?' Because the reward is great, and maybe it's too strong."

For now, Apex Legends players and fans will have to exercise patience with Revtane and the game's current meta. In the same podcast appearance, Larson also mentioned changes to both Bloodhound and Crypto, so in future updates, huge changes could be headed for the game's meta. As far as the present is concerned, Revtane combos look to continue their domination.