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Apex Legends Devs Investigate Bug Banning LGBT Club Tags

"The tag worked in the past, what’s up with this?"
"The tag worked in the past, what’s up with this?" / Respawn Entertainment, Mothman_moth

Respawn Entertainment is looking into an apparent bug that is restricting Apex Legends players from using LGBT club tags.

The initial discovery of the bug was reported by u/Mothman_moth on the r/apexlegends subreddit Friday, which caused quite a ruckus considering the LGBTQ representation in the game's characters.

On the Reddit thread, Mothman_moth mentioned that the LGBT tag used to be allowed with their older club, and that they've seen other clubs still be able to use it.

"I’m guessing maybe a higher rate of troll clubs being reported with the tag got it restricted," Mothman_moth wrote. "Based on the comments here, I’m guessing it’s not out of character for Apex players."

Before long, Respawn associate quality designer Rico Sanchez chimed in, seemingly confirming that the restriction was indeed not intentional.

"I’ll take a look at this to see what’s going on," Sanchez wrote.

By Saturday morning, Reddit mod u/paradoxally locked the thread since its commenters "can't behave as usual."

At the time of writing, no update on the issue has been given out just yet, and there's no mention of the bug on the Apex Legends Trello board.

Ultimately, it would be surprising if this issue were to spill over into the launch of Season 15: Eclipse considering Apex's newest Legend, Catalyst, is set to be the first transgender woman in the game. Apex Legends: Eclipse is set to begin on Nov. 1.