Apex Legends Devs Plan to Keep Devotion Recoil Bug for Now

There is no fix in sight for the recoil bug of the Devotion.
There is no fix in sight for the recoil bug of the Devotion. / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

The energy-powered Devotion LMG in Apex Legends will remain untouched with its firepower and, as an unintended result, its recoil bug for the foreseeable future.

An issue pointed out by the game's community for some time, the Devotion has so much first-shot recoil that it can throw off the one of the fundamental rules of game design in first-person shooters.

As shown above by aRelevantMeme on YouTube, spamming the first shot of the Devotion breaks the player's POV. Despite the Devotion's fairly tame rate of single fire, its recoil oddly never stops or resets between shots.

While the bug is pretty minor—a player would normally feel the initial kick settle down when unleash the rest of the magazine automatically—it does become comical when singled out.

The minor bug has been well-known by the devs as well, but won't be addressed unless it starts to have a glaring impact on gameplay.

"Haha yeaaaa," Respawn Entertainment developer u/AmusedApricot commented on Reddit. "The devotion has really high recoil on the first couple shots (further pushes the 'commit to your engagement' identity of the devotion). So if you tap fire it does that. We've known about this for a bit but there's not really a great fix that doesn't remove some of the important feel bits of the devotion, so it's been 'won't fix'ed unless it becomes a problem. Good catch!"

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