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Apex Legends Devs Provide Development Details Regarding Seer's Abilities

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Fans of Apex Legends were recently given interesting insight during a Reddit AMA that provided a behind-the-scenes look into why Seer's abilities work the way that they do.

Apex Legends enthusiasts are well aware of the stylish character Seer and his incredible recon capabilities. Seer enters the arena with powerful skills such as Heart Seeker and Focus of Attention that allow players to quickly decipher enemy movements and locations. These abilities are so advantageous that many players and pros consider him to be one of the premier options for gamers to play as.

Apex Legends Devs Provide Development Details Regarding Seer's Abilities

In a recent AMA on Reddit, Apex Legends Lead Game Designer, Devan McGuire, was asked whether there were any plans to adjust the abilities that Seer holds. The Reddit user explained that they were frustrated by the lack of in-game notifications that players received when being subject to Seer's recon skills given that other characters usually deal with some sort of tradeoff for using similar abilities.

In response, McGuire revealed that they had looked into introducing a tradeoff for Seer's abilities early in his development. This resulted in ideas such as playing a heartbeat to indicate a player was being tracked, negatively resulting in users' panic and discomfort during gameplay. Developers also received feedback that squads would often be ambushed by other players because they could easily trace back Seer when notified of his ability being in use.

McGuire went on and divulged that this was the reason for the more subtle approach in indicating the use of his abilities. This does not mean that the developers are not paying attention to the characters rise in popularity. Although there are no updates at the moment, it was stated that balancing the character more is something that is being actively looked into.