Apex Legends Devs Respond to Mirage Buff That Isn't Working

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 7 is starting to come near an end, but that doesn't mean Respawn is asleep at the wheel giving us updates to level out Legends. Respawn issued a buff to Mirage so that when Mirage issued decoys, their footsteps would make any noise, so that they can be tougher to decipher who is the real Mirage. Apparently, this is still not the case, and players in the community made sure to let the devs know.

Mirage mains were excited at the news that their Legend was getting a buff. Respawn devs confirmed that Mirage was to receive a buff with the Fight Night Event update. Mirage's decoys were easy to point out if you listened to where the footsteps were coming from. Respawn said this would be corrected, but it clearly has not been.

Jason McCord, a dev for Respawn, responded to a player on Twitter who had asked about the footsteps being corrected. He responded with "I'm checking, thanks for bringing it up."

Respawn devs are typically on top of these kinds of issues. The resolution of this issue would add a layer of deception to Mirage's abilities that are needed. The glaring weakness of sound almost makes the ability useless in close quarters combat. We'll have to patiently wait for an update, until then, it might be better to steer clear of Mirage.