Apex Legends Devs Working on Balancing 'Scan' Legends

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Multiple Respawn Entertainment developers took the time to talk to the community in an AMA and discussed multiple topics. Apex Legends developers have answered why they haven't added more weapons like the Kraber or the SMG nerfs or even upcoming content. And in this case, developer
Devan McGuire was asked if Respawn is still working on nerfs when it comes to scan Legends.

“We understand the frustrations around Legend abilities that scan and their tactical dominance at higher levels of play. Some of these abilities, however, are core to the play patterns and identities of the Legends themselves so it’s not a simple task to address.

“We are actively looking into the frustration that can come from these abilities and finding ways to reduce it without crippling the identity of the Legends who wield them,”

It's no surprise that certain Legends have advantages in team fights when it comes to locating other teams, but it can be balanced out by aggressive Legends. Most pro players will lament the power of Legends which have abilities that actually do damage, giving them an advantage in every fight. It's going to be a tough for Respawn if the community blames every type of Legend.