Apex Legends

Apex Legends Devs Worried About Vantage's Kit Working in Current Loot RNG

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment spoke with Dexerto about their fears in creating a sniper-based Legend in Apex Legends. While some Legends lean toward a certain style of weapon, Vantage takes that to a whole new level. Her whole kit screams long-distance and it's easy to see why. The problem comes with the RNG of loot. To make any long-range kit work, you need to find a sniper and a scope of some sort.

That's two chances to fail.

Lead Legend Designer Chris Winder spoke on this very matter.

"Sometimes it can make a player feel like they’re not playing the character right if they don’t find a shotgun or an LMG. For Vantage, we were thinking about some things like that…and that problem compounded a little bit because to really play long-range as a sniper in Apex you need a sniper rifle and an optic, so you really need to roll the dice twice.”

That's where the ultimate comes into play.

“We were worried about that. That was something we were sort of thinking about the whole time. I think having the ultimate as your sniper rifle with an optic on it definitely alleviates those fears, or potential fears, you might have and lets you sort of play into whatever loot game you feel like that game.”

No matter what they find, players should feel reassured that their ultimate will give them a powerful sniper.