Apex Legends Director Plans to Expand Beyond Battle Royale

Apex Legends may one day expand beyond battle royale.
Apex Legends may one day expand beyond battle royale. / Photo by Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier says he and Respawn Entertainment plan to expand Apex Legends beyond the confines of battle royale, expanding the game into new territory.

"Right now we're a battle royale game," Grenier told Eurogamer in an interview published Friday. "I think if you look into the future, we have a lot of conversations of, you know, should we expand beyond battle royale? We have this roster of legends that people love — how else can we use them?

"I think looking into the future, you're probably going to see the game becoming more than just a battle royale game. You see we have all these LTMs and other ways to play. I think that's a great starting point."

Grenier didn't provide specifics for Respawn's expansion plans. An arena mode discovered in the game's files via data mining could be a hint toward what the developer aims to add, as could the smaller player-v-environment game modes that have appeared during events past.

Grenier's vision for Apex Legends is far from unprecedented. Fortnite leads the charge in expanding battle royale, making the game a virtual concert space. Warzone is built out of the PVE and PVP of Modern Warfare. Riot Games may not have a battle royale, but the director of its shooter Valorant has expressed ambitions of making the game a social space in addition to a competitive shooter.

Apex Legends Season 7 launches Nov. 4.