Apex Legends dragons have started to appear in King's Canyon. The giant flying creatures can be seen throughout the map, and fans are unsure what to make of them.

Apex Legends Dragons Appear In-Game

The dragons are referred to in-game, in voice lines from various characters, as Flyers. They can be shot and killed, and often carry death boxes of other players that have been filled with loot.

Shooting the Flyers enough will cause them to drop the death box they're carrying, but players can continue to shoot them until they die and fall from the sky. It's unclear what the mechanical advantage may be to killing the Flyers beyond looting the death boxes they drop.

It's likely these Flyers are tied somehow to the Legendary Hunt event that began June 4 and remains ongoing, though the connection is as yet unexplained. Legendary Hunt is scheduled to end Tuesday, the same day of the Flyers' appearance.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts