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Apex Legends Escape Season 11 Map Rotations: Battle Royale and Arenas

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

Apex Legends: Escape, or Season 11 is arriving, and with it comes new changes to all aspects of the game. Some of the most anticipated changes every season are the maps that will be rotated in and out of the ranked playlists. That excitement is back once again, but even greater now as that same excitement exists for the Arena mode as well, who will be seeing its' new map rotation as well.

Apex Legends: Escape Season 11 Map Rotations

Battle Royale

To begin with the ranked mode, there are some drastic changes coming to the map pool. Mainly, there is a new map, Storm Point, which will be the singular map in the ranked pool for the first split ranked of ranked. Players will get to truly master this map in ranked, being forced to play it and nothing else for a time. This will be a good way for Respawn to get feedback on the new map while simultaneously getting players hands-on experience with the new landing points. The second split will be World's Edge, which was in for a majority of last season as well. Kings Canyon and Olympus will be out of the ranked playlist for all of Season 11.


Arena will have a similar schedule for Season 11, with a twist. Apex plans on further separating the two modes, making Arena feel like its own true mode, not an afterthought to BR. To do this, Apex will not use any BR map-based gauntlets in the Arena rotation, allowing the original POIs spotlighted in Arenas. With the recent release of Encore, it is clear Respawn is serious about building Arena as its' own product that doesn't have to be constantly pushed to the side of the BR mode.