Apex Legends

Apex Legends Evolution Event Update Size

Big Maude Town Takeover
Big Maude Town Takeover / Credit to EA/Respawn

What is the Apex Legends Evolution Event update size?

The Evolution event is bringing a great deal of new content to Apex Legends. There are balance changes, new cosmetics for several characters, a new Rampart town takeover, a Rampart Arenas takeover and a new Heirloom for Rampart. One of the most fun changes coming with the Evolution event concerns Rampart's ultimate. Rampart will now be able to carry around her giant Gatling Gun known as Sheila.

Apex Legends Evolution Event Update Size

The Evolution event update is surprisingly small for the amount of content it holds. The update is only 4.5 gigabytes large. The Apex Legends Evolution event will be one week long, giving players only a short window to enjoy everything new.