Apex Legends Exploit Lets Octane Run in Air

This Apex Legends trick lets Octane players defy gravity.
This Apex Legends trick lets Octane players defy gravity. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Characters in Apex Legends tend to live and die based on their ability to move around quickly and effectively. Octane is the epitome (the apex?) of this idea, remaining popular from the time of his launch in large part because of his fantastic movement.

This trick, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Wednesday by u/english-cashew, shows yet another way the adrenaline junkie's movement can be used fruitfully.

The trick begins by having the Octane player place their jump pad directly under a ceiling-like surface — english-cashew demonstrated by starting under a bridge. Bouncing off the jump pad and directly into the ceiling, english-cashew continues to run straight forward through the air rather than falling. They run to the edge of the bridge, then use Octane's double jump to climb back up onto solid ground.

The trick works because the jump pad applies so much upward momentum to Octane that gravity takes several seconds to kick in. He continues to rise for the first half of the jump, pressed up against the ceiling and shunted forward because of collision. This can allow him to sneak up behind enemies, or simply to escape from tight spots such as the one in which english-cashew started the clip.