Apex Legends Explosive Ammo Type Revealed in Leak

Explosive weapons may be on their way to Apex Legends.
Explosive weapons may be on their way to Apex Legends. / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Explosive ammunition and weapons to use it may be on their way to Apex Legends, according to information uncovered Tuesday in data mines.

Data miner and Reddit user u/KralRindo found an image for an explosive ammo type and voice lines for each of the game's playable Legends advising teammates of nearby explosive weapons. The lines refer to grenade launchers and rocket launchers, but also mention certain weapons by name.

The named weapons include the Cold War, the Softball and the Archer. These names correspond with explosive anti-Titan weapons from Titanfall: The EM-4 Cold War Grenade Launcher, the R-6P Softball AAGL and the Archer Heavy Rocket, respectively.

As promising as the voice lines may be, players must take Apex Legends data mines with a healthy pinch of salt following Respawn Entertainment's deliberate attempts to mislead data miners with the Forge/Revenant redirect. Data miners have no way to tell what is a legitimate leak and what is misdirection from Respawn.

Respawn Entertainment added its first new ammo type, sniper ammo, to Apex Legends in Season 4. That ammo type's addition re-tooled pre-existing weapons rather than introduce new weapons specifically to use the ammo.