Apex Legends Fan Combines Kings Canyon and World's Edge Maps

This map mockup combines Apex Legends' two maps into one.
This map mockup combines Apex Legends' two maps into one. / Courtesy of Respawn/Wicked-Death

Apex Legends offers players two distinct maps on which to fight out their battle royale fantasies: Kings Canyon and World's Edge. Neither map is perfect, and players love to complain about each's particular shortcomings.

In the interest of settling the debates, Reddit user u/Wicked-Death decided to create a mock-up for a combination of the two maps and post it to the Apex Legends subreddit. The product, Kings Edge, incorporates elements from both maps to produce something to please fans of each.

Much of the new map's west coast takes from Kings Canyon, with Thunderdome, Skull Town, Airbase and Runoff appearing almost unaltered from the precursor map. Things start to change up as one moves east and north.

At the center of the new map is Harvester, with a lava trail leading northeast to The Epicenter, Fragment West and Fragment East. Survey Camp, Refinery and Overlook surround The Epicenter.

As intriguing as the concept is, whether or not it could ever quiet the raging of the Apex Legends community will never be known.