Apex Legends

Apex Legends Fan Creates Clever Lifeline Rework Idea

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Lifeline is one of the most iconic characters in Respawn's battle royale as she is the only healer in the Outlands. Being an icon has given her a 4.4% pick rate in Season 14, but the Apex Legends community thinks she is still underpowered and needs more rework.

During the Awakening Collection Event, Lifeline received numerous sets of buffs, and it is very unlikely that the developers will make any changes to her kit any time soon. Players believe Lifeline's Respawn should be reworked to make her more powerful, but with the recent buff, players can expect not to see any changes to her.

Reddit user brickbony decided to develop their own buff for the Combat Medic, and it improved her Passive revive. Apex Legends player and Reddit user developed the Lifeline buff and made an in-game concept to show how the buff would work.

The rework demonstrates the Combat Medic being remotely deployed to revive from a distance, rather than Lifeline running up to her teammates to activate it. This rework would allow Lifeline to revive her team from a safe position without exposure to the enemy. The remote revive can also be used as a distraction to outplay the enemy and get their attention before flanking.

The range of the revive would not be huge, so the enemy team could still detect Lifeline trying to revive a teammate. This idea would give the Combat Medic a boost in power without making her overpowered or a strong pick in Apex Legends.