Apex Legends

Apex Legends Fan Creates Rather Creative Fuse Heirloom Idea

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends fan created a rather creative idea for a Fuse heirloom. The boisterous Legend has never really found his spot in the meta. Fuse had a rather lackluster launch and it's never gone up from there. Respawn Entertainment usually chooses a certain Legend to focus on every six months or so, and reward them with their heirloom. It might be a while until Fuse's receives his.

So Redditor RosieAndSquishy is giving their take on what Fuse's heirloom could be.

Fuse is all about chaos. A golden brass knuckles made from a grenade casing is too perfect. Each heirloom is themed around the Legend's personality and Fuse loves a good brawl.

For most players, it's all about the game play. And Apex Legends is filled with bugs.

In a post by Reddit user 'Florence-_-' gave other players a glimpse of a sound bug first hand. In the post, a video showed the user's gameplay where the audio completely cuts out mid-match. The clip was accompanied by the user writing "come on Respawn, how can your audio get so bad it completely cuts out at random?"

Hopefully, Respawn can fix these bugs and give Fuse a much deserved heirloom.