Apex Legends Fan Designs a Wattson Heirloom

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' heirlooms are prized possessions and the rarest cosmetics in the game. Players have less than a 1% chance to earn Heirloom shards. And the only insurance of earning one is that if players open 499 packs without any shards, the 500th one will earn them shards.

Then they can choose which heirloom to unlock. So far Respawn Entertainment has made nine Heirloom items in honor of each Legends' history. Wattson's is apparently a ways away still, so Redditor YonyanCosplay made their own idea.

It's got some flair and style, but other Redditors were quick to point out other ideas.

One said, "I would rather have it a spear or electric bo staff, we don't need more knives or swords. Maybe a futuristic electric glove or taser." While another wrote, "Tbh Wattson's heirloom should be an electrostaff." While most applauded the quality of the image, there are quite a few knives and swords in the game already. Whatever the item, it needs to scream Wattson if it's going to work.

Although, one Redditor had a play-on-words type of idea, "This is cool but her heirloom should definitely be an electric fencing sword."

Whether it's a sword, or a some type of electrical item, I'm sure Respawn will nail the Heirloom like they have done with all the rest.