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Apex Legends Fan Designs Summer and Beach Themed Event

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends seemingly has events for every time of year and fans are always filled with their own ideas. One fan, u/nobletwelvexp sought to turn their ideas into reality by designing a summer and beach themed Apex Legends event they titled "High Tide."

The concept includes new charms, Legend skins, and weapon skins, covering all of the bases one looks for in a themed Apex event.

"High Tide" would introduce a weapon skin transform ten various weapons into super soakers to embody the theme of playfulness and desire to cool off that is frequently associated with the summertime.

Moreover, the event would come with four weapon charms including Summer Nessie, a life preserver, an oyster with a pearl necklace, and a partially bitten surfboard with sunglasses and a tower.

U/nobletwelvexp put an incredible amount of effort into this intricate design. The effort paid off as the design looks professional and meshes with the style of Apex Legends.

Who knows? Maybe Respawn Entertainment will make some of these ideas a reality in their upcoming tropical island-themed Escape season launching Nov. 2. The trailer already gave people a glimpse at the Legends having fun on the beach and playing in the water. It's definitely not out of the realm of possibility that Respawn makes some more tropical-themed cosmetics for the season.

Until then, Apex players can enjoy the ongoing Halloween-themed Monsters Within Event until Nov. 2 when Apex Legends: Escape goes live.