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Apex Legends Fan Makes Concept for a New Support Legend

"We need another support Legend. Here's my concept."
"We need another support Legend. Here's my concept." / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

When looking across the current roster of playable characters in Apex Legends: Emergence, it's not hard to argue that there could definitely be some more depth in the support department.

With the launch of Season 11 on the horizon, it's almost getting to that time in which a new Legend will be introduced to the battle royale title. As such, here's a breakdown of a fan-made concept for a new Frontline Guardian Legend named "Warden."

Posted on the r/ApexLegends subreddit by u/dvtheall, Warden would be the third support Legend in the game, joining the likes of just Lifeline and Loba in that role — the former of which has remained the lone medic since the title's launch.

With a robotic look similar to Pathfinder, dvtheall's Warden rushes to the aid of its teammates rather than at its enemies.

As discussed in the graphic mockup by dvtheall, Warden would be able to revive downed teammates from afar, but would be immobile until the animation is complete as part of their Guardian Angel passive.

Warden's Transfusion Beam tactical ability would allow it to fire a laser to steal shields from enemies and give it to their teammates in the form of dropped Shield Cores.

Lastly, Warden's Resurrection Field ultimate ability would allow it to place a destroyable totem that keeps their team from getting wiped by giving them each one self-revive if they're within its area of effect.

The Apex Legends community has been a bit skeptical of the idea to say the least, with responses ranging from "so basically if Revenant and Lifeline had a child," to well-mapped out feedback on balancing concerns over Warden's skillset.

Ultimately, although support Legends haven't exactly been a part of the competitive meta, as shown by the ALGS Championship 2021 pick rates, it will be interesting to see if something like the Warden could be the next big innovation for the scene.