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Apex Legends Fan Reveals Rarest Cosmetics that are Barely Touched

Respawn Entertainment

Just like every other video game, Apex Legends has its cosmetic items. Although they are broken down into a few different tiers, some items are much rarer than others. Recently, it was revealed what some of the rarest items in Apex Legends were and how many players were using these items.

In a tweet by @_ApexStatus, it was revealed what the six rarest items were. The six items are three banner frames and three holo sprays. The Banners were offered in a limited-time special event. According to the post, the banners were only available to earn by submitting a Google form which was advertised in a Monster Energy Promo.

When it comes to the three banners, the stats surrounding them are astonishing. There were frames released for Fuse, Wattson, and Octane.

The Fuse banner is currently not being used, two players have the Wattson banner equipped and three are using Octanes. In total, there are 14.5 million Apex Legends players.

Many players did not even know that these items were released and were unaware of the Monster Energy Promo.

if one day, Apex Legends implements a trading system in games like Rocket League, these items may be worth a pretty penny. But until then, check your inventory to see if you have these cosmetic items to show off.