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Apex Legends Fan Theorizes About Possible Legend Tease

An Apex Legends fan theorized about a possible Legend tease and posted it on Reddit. While the information is interesting, none of it has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

Although, they did respond to the post.

Apex Legends Fan Theorizes About Possible Legend Tease

Reddit user FrozenFroh did the work on this theory and it's rather in-depth. Most of it is based on the Night Terror Wraith skin that was only available during the Legendary Hunt limited-time event.

The theory was so well crafted, a Respawn employee named RSPN_Jeremy commented on it, "The tinfoil saga continues! I love these posts so much; it's awesome to see someone so interested in the lore that they would go the effort to make this. Keep it up!"

That doesn't mean the Legend is on the way or that it's false. It's simply speculation at this point, well thought out speculation.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment