Apex Legends Fan Theorizes Picklocking Addition

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends fan theorized a new addition for Loba, allowing her to picklock vaults on World's Edge. It's a rather simple idea at the core, but it has created a lot of conversation. Would it be too powerful, does it only work on Loba, and does it make vault keys useless?

The Reddit post shows an image of Skyrm's picklocking system next to a vault door. While that system is iconic, it's far too easy. The lockpicking system in Apex Legends should take a while longer than a normal key, and it should prolly make some noise, so enemy players nearby know what's happening.

The next step is should this system just be on the map somewhere, maybe some random items that spawn, or should it be a Legend specific? Some thought Crypto would work well since his hacking skills and these doors look electronic. But of course, the first thought was Loba, she is a master thief and it would make sense. Maybe a passive ability that allows her to open a vault instead of using her normal Black Market.

Players immediately thought this would be too powerful and make people play Loba, but that's doubtful. Just getting the vault loot wouldn't make her suddenly viable in the meta.