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Apex Legends Fans Call on Developers to Fix Caustic Ability

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Fans of Caustic in Apex Legends are asking for his passive ability "Nox Vision" to be given a minor fix.

Caustic has remained a fan-favorite for players in Apex Legends ever since his introduction. As a Defensive Legend, Caustic's abilities largely help him to hold down positions with area of effect attacks. Caustic's "Nox Gas Trap" allows players to lay down numerous traps around the map that release a deadly gas when activated, dealing damage to any enemy caught up in the cloud. As a companion to this attack, Caustic's passive ability "Nox Vision" not only negates any damage from gas traps but allows him to see any enemies within the cloud.

While this seems like a fair deal, players are a bit unhappy with the execution. Caustic's passive allows him to see a green, highlighted outline of enemies stuck in the gas cloud but, given that the cloud is also green, this isn't as much of an advantage as the game implies.

In a recent Reddit post, user AcidRegulation uploaded a clip of Caustic's passive ability. The video shows just how unclear it is for players to locate their opponents in the gas cloud, with only the faint green highlight to go on.

Fans Want Caustic's Passive Ability to Be Slightly Buffed

Fans have suggested that the issue could be addressed by either making Caustic's vision a bit clearer in gas clouds, or highlighting enemies in a more obvious color. "Bloodhound sees his enemies in red, why is it green with Caustic?" asked AcidRegulation.

Many players have said that the state of this passive has led them to dropping Caustic, but a fix to this ability might change that. Of course, any buff to a Legend needs to be reasonable but fans feel that a slight tweak to this ability wouldn't upset the balance too much.