Apex Legends: Fast-Drop Trick in Olympus

Apex Legends: Fast-Drop Trick
Apex Legends: Fast-Drop Trick | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

As Season 7 of Apex Legends continues to unfold, more secrets are being discovered. A recent discovery on the new map, Olympus, gives players an advantage to getting loot faster right out of the drop ship.

The trick is only possible on Olympus, but can give your squad an early game advantage. The quicker you can get to the ground, the quicker you can grab weapons and gear and start wiping out enemy squads

Apex Legends: Fast-Drop Trick

The fast-drop trick requires you to be on Olympus. As soon as you deploy, head for the turbines in the middle of the map. Once there, use them to launch yourself to any desired location and you'll be able to get there faster than those who stayed on the drop ship.

The discovery of this trick appears to have been an oversight on the side of the game developers. Dave Osei, a senior level designer with Respawn Entertainment, responded to a Reddit thread where he explained his surprise, but subtle excitement over players discovering the fast-drop trick.

The fast-drop can give you and your squad a quick early game advantage by allowing you to reach loot faster and rack up early kills. Use the fast-drop to dominate games.