Apex Legends Find Key Cards and Holo-Sprays to Activate Arena Mode Teaser

Go to the firing range to activate the teaser.
Go to the firing range to activate the teaser. / Photo Courtesy of Respawn

Apex Legends players can now find key cards and holo-spray strewn across the map to activate a teaser for the new arena mode coming in Season 9. Many details about the arena mode have already been leaked, but those who wish to see the teaser themselves must do a couple things in matches first.

Apex Legends Find Key Cards and Holo-Sprays To Activate Arena Mode Teaser

The first step to activate the teaser in the firing range will be to collect keycards from care packages. This is as simple as it sounds, and there shouldn't be any chance involved, meaning one care package is all you need. The step after is pretty easy, as it involves listening to a phone message in the lobby. Click the keycard on the bottom right corner of the screen and the message will reveal a new challenge awaits in the arena.

Holo-sprays look like this
Holo-sprays look like this / Photo Courtesy of Respawn

The step after is a little more tricky, as it requires players to find three holo-sprays each on King's Canyon and Olympus. Holo-sprays will be at every named location, so there's plenty to choose from, players will just need to find them.

As Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal states, only three holo-sprays will spawn per match, so it'll likely take a a couple matches and some luck before players will have scanned three each from both maps. The final step isn't actually in the game yet, as it'll be coming April 20. However, it's already been leaked what they'll need to do. Simply go to the firing range and enter a passcode, which should then bring a ship down that player can enter. Inside the ship is a message from the character Ash, a simulacrum in the Titanfall series and a suspected new legend.