Apex Legends Firing Range Arrives in Patch 3.1

Apex Legends now has a firing range as of Patch 3.1
Apex Legends now has a firing range as of Patch 3.1 /

The Apex Legends firing range arrived in the game Tuesday as part of Apex Legends Patch 3.1.

Apex Legends players can enter the firing range on their own or with a squad. Once in the range players can swap to any Legend and use their abilities. All the loot items in the game are available to test in the firing range, with dummies to practice firing.

The Wingman received another nerf, dropping its headshot multiplier from 2.15 to 2.1. Respawn Entertainment added projectile width to the game's shotguns, snipers and the L-STAR to make shots easier to land with each.

Players are now guaranteed one easy, one medium and one hard challenge each day and can re-roll those challenges in exchange for Legend tokens. Cursor velocity in menus is now adjustable, the active music pack appears while dropping into the map, and players can now see the ammo types of their squadmates in the inventory menu.

Ranked players no longer receive penalties for leaving a match after 2.5 minutes have passed since their Banner was retrieved after dying.

Several bug fixes round out the patch notes, which can be read in full here.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts