Apex Legends Glitch Allows Ramparts Ultimate to Shoot Through Gibraltar's Shield

A new Apex Legends bug allows for an interaction in-game that is seemingly broken. Players have discovered that Rampart, who is the newest legends introduced to Apex Legends, has a shield that Gibraltar's ultimate can shoot through. The shield is supposed to be a defensive dome, but for some reason, the turret can shoot out of the dome and damages enemies. We've seen the pair use the partnership properly, but this is different.

Reddit user Pathfinder posted a clip to the Apex Legends subreddit showing off how the interaction works. The turret can shoot out of the dome, but enemies cannot shoot into it. This creates a massive problem as this bug is being used to tear apart enemies with any counterplay.

Until this glitch gets patched out, players will be abusing its power as there is simply no way to stop enemies from choosing to sit in the dome and shred anybody who walks by. Hopefully, this glitch is fixed soon enough, but until then, if you want an easy way to cheese your way to some victories, maybe try this out. This isn't the only glitch that's popped up recently as Apex Legends seems to have a problem of game-breaking bugs and glitches that continue to plague the game.