Apex Legends Glitch Causes Players to Play in Third-Person

An Apex Legends glitch causes players to play in third-person and it's wonderful. The video was posted on Reddit, as the player explained the situation. The bug kicked in when their squad got full eliminated as they were trying to respawn.

Then this happened.

As the last player died, they revived Wraith at the exact same moment. Instead of the game going to the lobby, it went black then Wraith popped up in third-person view. Can we also just talk about Wraith's running form. It looks straight out of Naruto. You can't really see it unless it's in third-person.

Apex Legends has its share fair of bugs like most games, but this one is rather rare. Most of the comments are of people experiencing this for the first time instead of also sharing the time they went third-person. Only one mentioned dealing with a similar issue back in Season 1.

If this happens to you, record it because it's a rare phenomenon.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment