Apex Legends

Apex Legends Glitch Makes Players Completely Invisible

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex users are becoming increasingly frustrated with a new Apex glitch. The glitch makes opponents completely invisible, which makes it nearly impossible to shoot them.

Apex just launched another update as Season 8 is in full swing. So far, the map and weapon updates have been fun, but they are now being overshadowed by this new invisible glitch. This glitch makes your opponent completely invisible during combat. Making it nearly impossible to shoot and track your opponents.

When the glitch happens, all you can see is a floating gun. A Reddit thread shows the glitch in action, and after watching it, you can see why it is so frustrating.

The cause of the glitch is still unknown, but some users think the new Revenant Anniversary skin is the culprit behind the glitch, but others think that it happens even when not using the skin.

As for now, there is no news on any bug fix, and Respawn has yet to address the issue. Hopefully, they address it and address it soon.