Apex Legends Glitch Uses Revenant Ultimate to Send Players to 'Hell'

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A rather hilarious clip on Reddit, shows a Revenant ultimate bug sending players to a glitched "hell." Posted on Saturday, ghostly249shared the clip, giving Revenant mains something else to worry about. Your own ultimate can ruin your team.

The Revenant ultimate has had a storied past, with a few different bugs as well as balance issues. It was too powerful at first, then nerfed, and now it's kind of in the middle of the pack.

Add in a bug like this and it might be the worst ultimate to choose from. As you can see from the clip, once the players were knocked back to the totem, chaos ensued. It seems the players were stuck beneath a layer of coding, somewhere they were not supposed to be. And based on the comments, this can happen occasionally.

"I this happened to me when I landed in a specific spot outside of the map in the water."

"Yo, that same thing happened to us in Storm Point. We were fighting the last team but when we were sent back to the totem we were stuck underneath the rocks the totem was on top of."

Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment fixes this before it ruins more player's experiences.