Apex Legends

Apex Legends Gold Item Guide

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends, there is a tiered loot system, with gold items indicating the highest tier, Legendary. While gray, blue, and purple items simply increase in strength as their rarity increases, gold items offer a unique perk, in addition to the same strength as their purple counterparts. These items are incredibly difficult to find, but offer immense payoff if you can find them.

Here's what you need to know about what each gold item offers in Apex Legends:

1. Gold Helmet

Apex Legends gold helmet legendary loot

Helmets protect against headshot damage. A gold helmet not only offers the 50% damage reduction that you get from a purple helmet, but also reduces Tactical and Ultimate recharge time by 20%.

2. Gold Body Shield

Apex legends gold body shield legendary loot

Body shields give your character extra health in the form of shields. If you equip a gold body shield, you'll get 4 shields (equivalent to 100 HP) like the purple body shield, and your shield cells and syringes will heal 50 HP instead of 25.

3. Gold Backpack

Apex legends gold backpack legendary loot

Like all other games, your backpack provides extra storage. Equip the gold backpack, and you'll not only get six additional item slots like the purple variant, but your teammates will also revive with an extra 50 Shields and Health.

4. Gold Knockdown Shield

Apex legends gold knockdown shield legendary loot

The gold knockdown shield has 750 knockdown shield health, like the purple shield, but also provides the ability to self revive once. Once the ability is used, the shield will be the same as its purple variant. The self-revive is slower than a regular teammate revive.

5. Digital Threat Scopes

Apex legends digital threat scope

There are two gold scopes in Apex Legends, which both provide digital threat detection. This is the ability to see enemies through smoke and gas when you look at them through the scope. Enemies sighted will be highlighted in red.