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Apex Legends Golden Ticket: How to Get

"A ticket to see the future home of the Apex Games."
"A ticket to see the future home of the Apex Games." / Respawn Entertainment, @HYPERMYSTx

The countdown to the start of Apex Legends Season 15 is officially on it seems as Respawn Entertainment has quietly released a spicy teaser in-game for players to go out and get.

As longtime Apex Legends players can likely attest, Respawn has not been shy in releasing a variety of teasers in the weeks leading up to its record-breaking season launches. The procedure for Season 15 appears to be no different. Here's a breakdown of how to get the Golden Ticket in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends 'A New Home' Season 15 Teaser Explained

As spotted by many in the community on Tuesday, a Special Golden Ticket item has been added to the current crafting rotation in Apex Legends.

To get the Golden Ticket, players simply need to save up 125 Crafting Materials and craft it from a Replicator. This is a one-time purchase that does come with a golden weapon as a nice bonus.

Once players get back to the lobby, however, they'll find that they have an upcoming LTM option in their menus called "A New Home."

Ultimately, those who do get the Golden Ticket will be able to experience the Season 15 map teaser once the LTM goes live on Oct. 18.

As leaked and teased in recent months, Season 15 will debut the next battle royale map in Apex Legends, which seemingly will take place in a setting having to do with Seers' homeworld Boreas and its shattered moon Cleo.

This appears to line up with a leak that emerged back in February, which seemingly revealed in-development gameplay of a moon map titled "#MP_RR_Divided_Moon" at the time.