Apex Legends Halloween Event 2021: Will There be One?

The Shadow Royale Limited Time Mode
The Shadow Royale Limited Time Mode / Credit to Respawn/EA

Will there be an Apex Legends Halloween event this year?

Last year for Halloween, Apex Legends held the Fight or Fright event. Players were treated to new weapon and legend cosmetics alongside a new limited time game mode. Shadow Royale functioned identically to the Battle Royale Trios mode, but with a twist. Teammates who were killed in battle returned to the game as "Shadows" that couldn't wield weapons but did have a faster run speed and more movement options.

Apex Legends Halloween Event: Will There be One?

The Fight or Fright event will return on Oct. 22 and run through Sept. 3. Respawn has also announced that during the event new and old Halloween themed skins will be available. These are separate from the rewards players can earn in the new Haunting Prize Tracker, that essentially works as a flash event.

Fight or Fright will also feature the Shadow Royale game mode, where Revenant runs the Apex Games. "Shadows" will be able to run faster than other players and will be able to wall-run and climb much higher.