Apex Legends Has a Beatles' Member Easter Egg

Apex Legends has an easter egg paying homage to The Beatles.
Apex Legends has an easter egg paying homage to The Beatles. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The Beatles can be argued as the greatest or most influential band of all time, and while I have no desire to start a discussion on the matter, Respawn Entertainment has a slight homage to the band. Apex Legends has its fair share of easter eggs whether it's a hidden messages in events, or a toy dinosaur, the game likes surprising fans.

And according to Apex Legends writer Manny Hagopian, the new Bloodhound lore has a tribute to The Beatles.

Apex Legends Has a Beatles Easter Egg

The new Bloodhound lore and cinematic showed the naming of Bloodhound's raven, and that's where the magic happens.

"Confession: Now that everyone knows who Artur is. While creating the backstory for Bloodhound, I was asked what their bird’s name was - I said: “Artur”. This is in reference to the name George Harrison calls his hair in one of my favorite movies “A Hard Day’s Night," explained Hagopian. George Harrison was the lead guitarist for the band, and while it doesn't include a easter egg to all of them, it's still a iconic member.

So while playing Bloodhound, know that the the raven on your shoulder is named after Harrison's hair.