Apex Legends Hidden Mechanic Lets Players Jump While Downed

Apex Legends players have found a new mechanic that allows players extra mobility once they are knocked down in a game.

The mechanic, if you can even call it that considering the nature in which it was found, allows players to jump when downed. The crux when being downed is that you're supposed to be incapacitated and helpless to your teammates. Apex Legends introduced a new mechanic with the Knockdown Shield, but it remains unclear if the added vertical mobility is supposed to be in the game or is an exploit.

Apex Legends Hidden Mechanic Lets Players Jump While Downed

Clipped and showcased on the Apex Legends Reddit, u/someuniquename can be seen jumping on top of a truck while down. The move apparently is done by pressing both the sprint and jump keys/buttons while down.

Again, it's unclear if this mechanic is an exploit or an intended input. Respawn Entertainment has yet to comment on the found footage, but fans can probably expect something soon considering the notoriety the clip is getting on the Reddit.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts