Apex Legends Interaction Allows Player to Teleport With Loba

Photo by Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends Loba's tactical ability allowing the character to teleport might be a glitch as it's allowing another to teleport with them.

Apex Legends Season 5 was released in May introducing Loba. The high society thief has unique abilities that have changed the way the game is played. Her tactical ability allows her to teleport as a means to escape or gain an advantage.

Here is everything we know about the teleport glitch:

Apex Legends Glitch Allows Player to Teleport With Loba

Redditor u/RAIIVN posted a clip that revealed a glitch that allowed the player to teleport with Loba's tactical ability.

The player encountered Loba and is seen punching the opposition during the fight. As the opponent is getting beat down, Loba makes a run for it and activates the special ability.

This would have allowed the character to create some distance. Instead, the player teleported with her and continues to punch her. This occurred when the punch met Loba at the same time Loba threw her bracelet to teleport.

Loba's tactical ability is meant for only her to teleport a short distance. Players and fans have called this an interesting trick, while others have called it a glitch. If it is a trick, it would change the way players approach Loba players.

Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment have yet to make an official announcement if this interaction is working as intended or not.