Apex Legends Iron Crown Event Receives Backlash Over Pricing Model

Apex Legends has been in a good place since the release of Season 2. While the competitive mode didn't capture the attention of every fan, it brought back a plethora of players that left during the Season 1 dud.

Apex Legends seemed to be on an upward trend and its community was fairly happy until the Iron Crown event. The hype was there and early images of the cosmetics had many people excited, but when the event launched and the price model was revealed, it quickly changed to anger.

Tons of Reddit posts popped up before a couple of them were populated with outrage over the decision. You can only earn the cosmetics through Iron Crown Event Packs which cost 700 Apex Coins per pack.

Apex Legends did give players the chance to earn two free Iron Crown Event Packs, but that's it. You would need 22 other packs to unlock every cosmetic with the price hitting $154. Respawn Entertainment has also created a store with six cosmetic items that cannot be earned through packs and must be purchased with "crowns," a specific currency earned during the event.

Needless to say, the community is unhappy and disappointed at such a steep price to earn the new cosmetics.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment