Apex Legends Item Nerfs Mirage's Passive Ability

Poor Mirage
Poor Mirage / Apex Legends Item Nerfs Mirage's Passive Ability

The latest Legend with an issue, Mirage's passive ability has been nerfed thanks to an updated item included in the Apex Legend's Chaos Theory event update. The update that launched on March 9 has brought many changes and bugs to Apex Legends, and players are beginning to notice how Mirage has been negatively impacted by these changes as well.

Apex Legends Item Nerfs Mirage's Passive Ability

To be fair, it's unclear whether or not this particular update was a glitch or an intentional addition to the game. Respawn has not confirmed whether or not they are aware of this Mirage nerf at this time. The item that presents the issue is the Gold Backpack, and it's Mirage's passive ability that takes the negative impact.

Mirage's passive ability is called "Now You See Me..." and it allows the Legend to become invisible whenever he revives a player or brings them back at a Respawn Beacon. It's a nifty passive for sure, and definitely brings major team-value to his overall kit. Unfortunately, the updated Gold Backpack shows lightning-like "charged" effects around the person reviving indicating that a Guardian Angel revival is occurring.

This effect still occurs even after Mirage is going invisible, so any player hearing the revive sound go off can quickly find Mirage and his downed teammate by looking for the effect. For the time being, the best way to avoid this effect is to either not pick Mirage, or let one of the other teammates grab the Gold Backpack. The Gold Backpack still works as intended, allowing players to get the full Guardian Angel to revive as intended.