Apex Legends Jan. 23 Update Fixes Third Person Removal: Full Patch Notes Listed

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn have rolled out another quick update for Apex Legends, aiming to fix issues with Legend tactical charges.

Apex Legends developers seem to have had their work cut out for them this season. Players have been experiencing all sorts of troubles with the online multiplayer, particularly following the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event update.

Issues from server disconnects to rampant cheaters has made Apex as of late a bit of a gamble when playing. But, that's not all players have had to contend with. Visual bugs have made their way into the game, too. One issue had players who eliminated Wraith via headshot see the wrong particle effects.

Another saw the disappearance of the third-person mode from the Firing Range, which players were worried was a permanent removal. Luckily, the devs were on hand to let everyone know that it wasn't intentional.

Thanks to this latest update, these pesky issues have been resolved. Here's everything that received a fix this time around.

Apex Legends Jan. 23 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

As revealed in a tweet posted by Respawn yesterday, Jan. 23, 2023, the following updates have been made to Apex Legends:

  • Legends start with correct number of tactical charges in BR
  • Firing Range easter egg can be activated again
  • Eliminating Wraith by headshot no longer causes incorrect particle effects
  • Horizon's tactical changes have been reverted

According to Respawn, the 'Horizon tactical changes reverted' refers to a proper fix instead of the backend version shipped last week. Apex Players should see no noticeable change.