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Apex Legends Landing Trick with Horizon Debuts on TikTok

A new Horizon landing trick is making the rounds on TikTok.
A new Horizon landing trick is making the rounds on TikTok. / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Just in time for the ALGS 2022 Championships, Apex Legends player surreal_bk on TikTok has just showcased a brand new trick to get the drop on your opponents playing as Horizon. Here's everything you need to know about it.

There have been many new changes to the Apex Legends meta in recent seasons, with the most popular characters shifting as different patches and tweaks are added to the game. One trick was just discovered on TikTok that might shoot Horizon up the list of Legends most often used, as using it allows you to land quickly on Olympus and gear up before gunning down defenseless players landing after you.

The trick requires the dropship to take a specific route, and as of now has only been showcased working at the Energy Depot, but creative players will surely find more ways to exploit it. The key to this trick is using Horizon's Spacewalk Passive, which reduces fall impact you take as a player. This allows you, in certain situations, to hold a slide longer than other Legends who would normally have their movement canceled.

This mechanic allows a Horizon player to slide down the long curved roof of the Turbine POI at the Energy Depot, bounce themself off some terrain and beat everyone else to the loot located in that area. Once there, you'll have extra time to gear up and quickly eliminate anyone coming your way who will arrive completely defenseless and unable to fight back. It seems to be a great method for getting a nice start to a round, and to farm some easy kills in a highly populated area.