Apex Legends

Apex Legends Leak Hints at Cryo Grenades in Season 10

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A known dataminer, Shrugtal, has uncovered some unused models and code which seem to point to cryo grenades.

Apex Legends Season 10 began on Aug. 3 and has since had a few patches, adding various features and addressing weapon balances. Whilst many weapons have been added to the player's available arsenal, throwable weapons haven't received as much variation over the seasons.

Certain throwable explosives have been a common feature in many matches, such as the Frag Grenade, Thermite Grenade, and the Arc Star. Now it seems that a new addition could be on the way.

Will Cryo Grenades Be Added to Apex Legends?

The data found by Shrugtal reveals a 3D model for a handheld device similar in shape to the current Thermite Grenade. The model is blue in color with flat textures, in an early development form. In addition to this, a UI element entry for "cryo_freeze_progress" was also found, hinting at its intended usage.

It looks as though the data was left in the game by mistake and, given that the model still seems to be in early development, it's unlikely that the item will be added soon. Respawn have not announced any information related to the item yet. Despite this, Season 10 is still in its early days so it's possible that the item could still be added before the next season begins.

With the recent release of Season 10, it's unlikely that players are feeling too strapped for content just yet. Of course, the addition of a new grenade is sure to spice things up.