Apex Legends

Apex Legends Leak May Have Revealed An Upcoming Collection Event and Skins for Season 14

SensosApex (Twitter)

SenosApex, an Apex Legends data miner, posted a leak on Twitter that showed four banner flags for Fuse, Lifeline, Horizon, Valkyrie, and Loba. These heavily indicate that at some point during Season 14, there's going to be a collection event at some point.

The banners shown have multiple themes, so it's unclear what the collection event will be named, and what else will be released. The leaker also revealed that they think these frames will be accompanied by legendary skins, saying that "there should be legendary for Lifeline and Horizon, but just basing that off the fact they are getting the epic rarity frames, so don’t take my word 100%.”

Season 14 released on Aug. 9, so players have had some time to adjust to the new season. There's no timetable for when the event is going start, but expect it to be about halfway through this season.

Season 14 has seen a lot of mixed reviews, with NickMercs blasting ranked mode, and detailing how it needs to be "saved". Hopefully the collection event will not only add cosmetics, but some quality of life updates as well to keep players and content creators satisfied with the popular battle royale.