Apex Legends Leak: New PvE Game Mode

Apex Legends leak news is all the rage in Season 2 as new models and sound files are being datamined from the game, suggesting a future content update. We've already seen some leaks surrounding solo and duo game modes, but these new leaks could be literal game changers. It's possible that this could include elements like a PvE game mode and NPCs, and Respawn's interest in providing background lore on their world and characters could even hint at future story missions.

Apex Legends Leak: Flyers, Spiders, and More

By far the most substantial leaks at this point have been the additional colored flyer models. We briefly got to see a couple of these in the Season 2 trailer from June, but so far there's only one flyer type in game. That's where the datamining community comes into play. Leading the charge is That1MiningGuy:

The fact that French Fry is a named Flyer also suggests quite a lot — either it will act as a sort of pet or possibly an objective in either a PvP or PvE game mode.

That1MiningGuy has also dug up info on Prowler nests (that's the animal from Titanfall, not the weapon) as well as SFX for a Giant Spider type of creature.

Cover Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment