Apex Legends Leak Possibly Reveals a Crypto Ability

An Apex Legends leak might have revealed an ability of a rumored future Legend, Crypto. Crypto has yet to be confirmed, but there are plenty of hints and theories pointed right at him.

According to Apex Legends leaker That1MiningGuy, Crypto will have the ability to hack into objects much like Pathfinder does now when he locates the next zone.

Apex Legends Leak Possibly Reveals a Crypto Ability

Even the leak itself is unsure of how the purposed ability will work, but it will have to do with hacking. Some people think the ability will be able to notice if enemy players walk by or hack machines much like Pathfinder's ability works.

Crypto is the number one suspect for starting the chaos of Season 2 as many believe he was the one with the laptop in the opening cinematic. He was able to shut down the map's entire defense system. There is no telling what he can do in game.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment