Apex Legends Leak Possibly Reveals Pathfinder 'Boxing Arena' Town Takeover for Season 7

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Play-tester images have leaked before the Season 7 update of Apex Legends. According to these images, Pathfinder is getting the next Town Takeover and will have their own personalized place of interest on the new Olympus map.

With the Town Takeovers becoming extremely popular throughout the Apex community, one of the most popular characters is finally getting their own town. This leak comes again from Biast12, who only revealed part of Pathfinder's Town Takeover, but notes that there is a massive Boxing stadium on the other side of the wall.

Considering Pathfinder's abilities, many are hoping there is a series of zip-lines around the stadium to create an epic arena for players. With many exciting towns that were released such as Octane's Gauntlet, Mirage Voyage, Singh Labs, and more, the community is excited because it has the potential to be one of the best Town Takeover's to date.

Outside of the single still shot image, we don't have any details about the specific date for when the Town Takeover will begin. The closest Town Takeover to date is the Mirage Voyage, which was released on Dec 12, 2019. It's notable that the map will change come the split date of Dec. 15. So we should expect the teaser for Pathfinder's Town Takeover either very early in the season or after the split date.

Although there is no guarantee of what date we get to see Pathfinder's town, it is another addition to the many changes and updates we'll see in Season 7. We'll see what else we find out, with only one week left until Season 7: Ascension drops.